Kep, Cambodia

passenger boat in kep, cambodia

Transport to, from, and around Kep

The main road through Kep is a loop from the hills to the beaches.  It takes about 15 minutes by motorcycle to see the whole area.  A few places rent motorcycles (about $5/day) and bicycles ($2/day), and this is probably the best way to get around town.  You can learn to drive one of these 100cc motorcycles in about 2 minutes, if you know how to drive a bicycle already.  A liter of gas costs about $1.25 and gets you up to 1 hour of drive time on a motorcycle.

From the Crab Market to the Kep beach is about a 20 minute walk.  The beach isn't the best beach for swimming in Cambodia, but it's a great place to hang out.

You can also travel by motodup, a motorcycle taxi.  A trip costs anywhere from 25 cents U.S. and up.

The boat trip to Rabbit Island takes 1/2 hour, and cost about $15 round trip from the Pier.

The Crab Shuttle gets you into or out of Kep, to or from Kampot.  A 2 hour ride along the coast cost $10.

Getting Here

From Kampot to Kep, a half hour ride by car, tuk tuk, or motorcycle. About $4.00 by motorcycle taxi, $12 for 4 people in a tuk tuk, or you can rent a motorcycle in Kampot for about $3-$5/day. ($3 in gas gets you a complete tour of Kampot and Kep.)     

From Phnom Penh to Kep, taxis and minibuses everyday to Kampot and the Kep for about $4.  A two to three hour ride.  Also, 7am or so, and 1pm, busses from Phnom Penh for $5.  Check for exact times and bus stations while in Phnom Penh.  A private taxi costs about $35 for the trip from Phnom Penh.

From SihanoukVille, there is no direct service.  You must go to Kampot first and arrange travel from there.  However, a taxi from SihanoukVille is about $30 to Kampot, and  $40 to Kep for the whole car.

To Vietnam, you can go through the Prek Chak (Cambodia) / Xaxia (Vietnam) border, about 45KM from Kep, but you need to get a visa beforehand. This is now the quickest route to get to Phu Quoc island in Vietnam.  Motorcycle taxis are about $6 per person, and a car will cost about $35. 

From Vietnam
, you can usually get a Cambodian tourist visa good for 30 days at the border for $25.  A $6 motorcycle trip, (probably one person with luggage per motorcycle), or a $35 car trip, which takes about a half hour.  Enter Cambodia through th Prek Chak border.

Andy, at the Oasis Bar in Ha Tien, Vietnam, has a better description of how to get to and from Vietnam from Kep




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