Kep, Cambodia

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Activities in Kep, Cambodia

Not a lot to do in Kep.  That's the way we like it.  Hang out at the beach, eat seafood, bicycle around, visit the caves, take a boat ride, visit an island.

Sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.

Also, check out the map of Kep's Islands.

* Chner Tours does boat trips to Rabbit Island.

* Kep Autrement has off the beaten track tours around Kep.

* Spend the afternoon at the Kep Crab Market, eating and drinking.

* Scuba Diving on Kep's Islands

* Rent a sailboat at The Sailing Club for an afternoon on the Bay of Thailand.

* WAM Cambodia Tour has mini-van tours, bicycle tours, boat tours and many more tours througout the South-East of Cambodia

* Ever been to a butterfly farm?  The Kep Butterfly Farm can help fix that oversight.

* You can also take a walking tour of the Kep National Park (best done in the daylight hours) or Sunset Rock (best done in the evening)

* Outside of Kep, towards Kampot are the Phnom Sosir Caves, atop 3 small "Mountains".  If you're passing by, it's worth a couple hour stop.

* You can also take a boat trip to Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), off the coast of Kep.  About $15 for a round trip ( a maximum of 10 people for the boat).  So the more people going, the less per person.  No McDonald's on the island, just a few food vendors, a dozen or so basic huts with mattresses and mosquito nets for $5 (all day or overnight), and lots of sand and trees.  The trip take about a half hour; and the best swimming and snorkeling beaches in Kep are found here.   The boat leaves from the pier next to Long Villa restaurant.

When you're in Kep, look for Coastal Kep - Kampot Guide for more current and complete information.

and stop by the Kep Souvenir shop, just next to the beach roundabout.





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