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Spring Valley Resort

Spring Valley Resort is a beautiful garden resort located right on the slope of Kep National Park with only a few minutes walking to the main beach. At Spring Valley one would find green in about every corner of the estate. There are more than ten kinds of fruit plants such as durian, mangosteen, mango, rose apple, three kinds of banana, papaya, jackfruit, passion fruit, sandorica and so on together with flower plants and many others; putting it together into a very beautifully landscaping resort with all the buildings and walkways in between.

There are 33 rooms categorizing into five different classes – Standard, Deluxe, Pagoda Deluxe, Bungalow and Khmer Wooden House with sea view for most of 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. Together, there is a beautiful swimming pool located right in the center of the estate and an over-the-pond restaurant and late night bar right next to it. The underneath pond is used for fish massage. Spring Valley is Uniquely Kep!

Besides just the accommodation, Spring Valley offers;

-          Room services
-          Massage
-          Restaurant and bar (late night)
-          Bike (mountain and motor) rental
-          Souvenir shop
-          Book exchange
-          Local tours and transport arrangement.   

Price Range: $25 - $80 (WiFi equipped) Visa/Master/Amex

Tel: 017-536888 / 097-5050299 / /

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Spring Valley Resort

Spring Valley Resort in Kep, Cambodia.





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