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Got some pictures? Updates? Corrections?

3,000 tourists coming to Kep every month want to get information on your business.

It's time to update your business's information on

for the 2015 / 2016 season.

With over 90 local tourist businesses on the website, is the premier tourist information website

The cost for this service, is as always, FREE.
HOWEVER....... If you keep your information on your business updated or help us improve this website, we'll promote your business above the rest!

The Kep Hotels page, has over 60 accommodations in Kep

Visitors to the website are looking for hotels and guesthouses to stay at, which beach, hillside or island
they might like best, restaurants, what to do while in town,
a town map, how to speak Khmer, (the How to Speak Khmer pages on the various websites)
teach over 2,000 people a month), information on the island, and lots more.

The Kep Restaurants page has dozens of restaurants all around Kep

Hotels should list all ammeties in the room, as well as the hotel.  If you have a generator, you'll want to list that as well.

You can find your page either through one of the many categories on the website, or on the LEFT side of every page under "Find a Place in Kep ".

You can also find Kep on Youtube (with 50,000 views), 
and somehow, on  Google+.

You can now send in up to 25 pictures, a description in English and one other language (providing we can support it),
and one video (must be a link to a YouTube video).  If you write in a non-English language,
you will be guaranteed several more speakers of that language will end up on your page.

You'll want at least a 200 word description of your business, to get the most visitors to your page from a (Google) search.

Please check all of your phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and prices, as many are out of date.  

Also, if you want your website link on the Kep-Cambodia website, you must first have a link back to the Kep-Cambodia website.

Your link back to the Kep-Cambodia website can point right to your businesses page on the website.

We reserve the right to edit all descriptions and not use any information deemed inappropriate.

Please send all updates t

(yes we also do the SihanoukVille and Kampot Websites)






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